Who We Are

The Art of Beer TV is published by Mediaway Broadband Television Ltd, an Ericsson EGO Project company, focused since over 13 years on Web Television, founded by Andrea Cilento ( Twitter: @AndreaCilento ), pioneer of Internet TV since 1998.

We believe in hyperthematic TV, very focused channels able to offer contents within specific niches not covered by mainstream broadcasters. Conceived, Produced as exclusive series of contents, tailored for the web audience and for a specific vertical. With over 20 channels created along the years, Mediaway is among the leaders in this very specific market.

With our brand Web TV Revolution we offer new communication ways for companies of every size. Beyond banners and TV spots, we believe that any brand will grow only building its own audience: a community of people passionate about that vertical, where the brand operates.

Any beer label, specially artisanal, high quality beers, can build an high end audience with us, providing much more than a corporate video. Let novelist, artists, designers, narrate your Brand and enjoy the growth of reputation this will bring! Email to: info@emediaway.com to arrange a free conversation about what we can do for your Brand.